• Wash garments inside out.
  • Cold wash kit. Some fabrics, for example those containing elastane or Lycra should be washed at 30oC (or lower, should your machine have a lower setting).
  • Wash coloured and white garments separately.
  • If hand washing, use a mild soap or detergent and cold/lukewarm water.
  • Remove any mud or surface dirt and wash kit as soon as possible after use, as this prevents embedding of stains.
  • Always air-dry kit.
  • Do not leave garments folded or piled together whilst wet or damp as colour transfer may occur.
  • Socks should be washed separately from other items, in particular if the colour differs significantly from the main kit items.
  • When ironing, use the coolest setting on your iron.
  • Dry kit completely before storing.


  • Overload washing machine. Friction between sublimated clothing and other garments can ‘tease out’ the non-sublimated (white) layers below the sublimated surface.
  • Wash with items that have abrasive components (e.g. zips/hooks/clasps/Velcro)
  • Wash in hot water (40C or above).
  • Tumble dry.
  • Use metal hangers, as they can leave rust marks.
  • Iron using any setting other than the lowest one on your iron.
  • Use harsh cleansers, chlorine bleach or bleach substitutes.
  • Use fabric softener, as this will reduce the wicking properties of the garment.

Whilst we will replace any garment that has a manufacturing defect, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage that arises from incorrect garment care.